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The Perspectives Podcast

May 26, 2020

Chase travels down to Austin to record with Grayson, Director of Fundraising for Perspectives. Grayson shares what his season of quarantine has been like and his recent triathlon training. We the necessity of challenges and goals in life, “nothing changes if nothing changes,” and consistency.



May 19, 2020

Josue and Chase sit down to talk about Josue’s trip to Rio de Janeiro in February. Josue shares what he did on the trip, about The Send in Brazil, and his conversations with friends in Brazil. We discuss Brazilian vs. American culture, the proper posture for worship, and the benefits of curiosity.



May 12, 2020

Maria, a friend, a Norwegian, a medical student in Cyprus and currently quarantining in Portugal joins us. She shares her experience when Cyprus announced the shutdown, rushing to get to Portugal and what this time has been like in Europe. We also discuss finding community on an island, bringing culture into the church,...

May 7, 2020

Jordan, a recording artist and ORU alum joins us. He shares challenges that artists have been facing during this shutdown and what God has been walking him through recently. We discuss making the most of the time we have, using this season as preparation, our need for structure, isolation potentially aiding creativity,...

May 5, 2020

Younessa, a Christian and friend of the podcast joins us. She shares what God has been walking her through during quarantine and about her gift of intercession. We discuss being a voice for the voiceless, how to hear the Lord, and the proper perspective to have during quarantine. (Zoom was having some issues so please...