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The Perspectives Podcast

Apr 2, 2021

Hanna, an amazing, talented photographer and daughter of Ethiopian parents joins us. Yvann, our first ever guest and close friend, co-hosts this fun conversation with Josue. Hanna shares her experience of growing up in an Ethiopian household, when she started to embrace her culture, how her culture and personality mixed, appreciating her identity and heritage, common expectations in an African family, and shares about thoughts related to photography and creativity.

We discuss respecting elders, evaluating intentions behind actions, parents being people at the end of the day, honoring where you came from, the pros/cons of high expectations set by African parents, the reality of immigrant parents to the US, you can only give what you receive, and what makes a good piece of art/photography.


Connect with Hanna:

Hanna Photography IG: @hanniimages


YouTube: The Perspectives Podcast


IG: @PerspectivesWorldwide

Josue IG: @ButtermanJosue

Chase IG: @Whereischasebrown

Grayson IG: @GraysonHuskey

(Edited by Ryan Rasmussen)