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The Perspectives Podcast

Jan 14, 2022

Josiah – now college graduate, former roommate, and Orlando resident joins an emotional Josue and Chase on the podcast. Josiah shares how the Lord has led him to move to be a part of Kingdom Culture church in Orlando, all the steps of risk and obedience along the way, growing in creativity, the relationship between creativity and 2020’s youth ministry, how he’s developed intimacy with the Lord, and his encouragement to those entering their senior year of college.


We discuss creativity built around the presence of God, laying down dreams for a period of time, Mercy Culture connect with God types, kids now looking up to creatives rather than athletes, having someone in your life to submit things to, and obediently letting relationships or dreams die, all filled endless Spiderman references.


Connect with Josiah:

Josiah IG: @josiahsaucedo


YouTube: The Perspectives Podcast


IG: @PerspectivesWorldwide

Josue IG: @ButtermanJosue

Chase IG: @Whereischasebrown

Grayson IG: @GraysonHuskey

(Edited by Ryan Rasmussen)

(Video by Ronaldo Domingos)