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The Perspectives Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

Younessa – friend, returning guest, and Co-Founder of Bare Fruit Beauty joins us on the podcast. She shares some of the words that God has been speaking to her during this season of fasting to start 2022, how she grew in alone time and prayer with the Lord, her heart to fight human trafficking, the story of Bare Fruit so far and how the idea came to be, and her favorite parts of Mexican and Lebanese cultures.


We discuss God wanting vulnerability and surrender not perfection, keeping our eyes on truth rather than our struggles, Alone time is alone time with God not alone time with your thoughts, when you can’t pray for a long time it’s possibly because you don’t know any needs outside of your own, God leading us rather than other’s opinions, the keys behind fasting, and what Mexican, Lebanese and American cultures can learn from each other.


Connect with Younessa:

Younessa IG: @younessapaulina

Bare Fruit IG: @barefruitgals


Video for the Podcast is available on YouTube: The Perspectives Podcast



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(Edited by Ryan Rasmussen)

(Video by Thomas Bocage)