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The Perspectives Podcast

Aug 23, 2022

Charles – Close Friend, Member of INTV Worship, Production Lead at Mercy Culture, and Child of God joins Josue and Chase on the podcast. Charles shares what God has been walking him through recently, his childhood, upbringing, and faith journey, his music journey, picking up the bass only three years ago, and his encouragement to any production team member that feels unseen (1:05:00).


We discuss the impact of vulnerable mentors, growing to accept the spotlight, not being afraid to be corrected, contentment vs. complacency, what it’s like to lead worship in front of thousands, and the impact of Christian friends staying close and caring for him.


Connect with Charles:

Charles IG: @compton__jr


YouTube: The Perspectives Podcast


IG: @PerspectivesWorldwide

Josue IG: @ButtermanJosue

Chase IG: @Whereischasebrown

Grayson IG: @GraysonHuskey

(Edited by Ryan Rasmussen)

(Video by Thomas Bocage)