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The Perspectives Podcast

Jan 28, 2020

George, co-founder of Become Network and Seed of Love bracelets joins us this week. He shares the visions of Become and Seeds of Love, and lessons from his travels to Guatemala. We also discuss partnering with God and the goodness of God’s boundaries.

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Seeds of Love IG: @SeedsofLoveBracelets


Jan 22, 2020

Montell - friend, artist, and all-around creative joins us for this week’s episode. He shares lessons he learned from traveling and being on tour in 2019. We discuss his musical influences, boldness, pressures of creating, and how to combat our tendency to hurry.

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Jan 16, 2020

We're coming to you live from our 2020 beginning of the year board meeting! In this recording from the meeting we discuss our 2019 accomplishments and 2020 plans and goals. If you're interested in serving or traveling with us, reach out to us at