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The Perspectives Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

First Episode of 2021 and First Episode recorded in Chase’s new Townhome!

Josue and Chase bring out the mics and have a conversation about honoring parents, how the role of parents changes as their kids grow up, boundaries in the parent-child relationship, and difference in parenting in Congolese and American culture.


We discuss how to handle the child-parent dynamic as you go through young adulthood, what is gained and lost from living with your parents until marriage versus living on your own before marriage, honoring your parents while disobeying them or disagreeing with them, how Chase handles his parents’ involvement with Perspectives, and more.



IG: @PerspectivesWorldwide

Josue IG: @ButtermanJosue

Chase IG: @Whereischasebrown

(Edited by Ryan Rasmussen)