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The Perspectives Podcast

Sep 24, 2021

Vance – Young Adults Pastor at Victory Church in Atlanta and an entrepreneur joins us on the podcast. He shares some thoughts and lessons related to this season in life and a sermon series he recently finished preaching on talking about purpose, integrity, purity, surrender, leadership, and sacrifice.


We discuss figuring out purpose in young adulthood, our purpose not being self-contained, the meaning of “be fruitful,” how selfishness can creep into purpose, how to maintain purity and integrity while finding purpose, going deep in your creativity and content, not shrinking God in the temporary, and what a influencer is versus what a leader is.


Connect with Vance and Fusion:

Vance IG: @vance_smith

Fusion ATL IG: @fusionatl


YouTube: The Perspectives Podcast


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(Edited by Ryan Rasmussen)