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The Perspectives Podcast

Oct 28, 2022

Josue and Chase celebrate hitting Three Years for the podcast!

We discuss our favorite moments from each podcast of the past year, the lessons and growth of the last year, and what we look forward to for the next year, as well as a special guest appearance from THE Austin Cochran.



Oct 21, 2022

What up Ya’ll! Hope life has been well. Something that Chase will start doing every now and then is sharing a writing that the Holy Spirit led him to create as going through life. 

In this episode, Chase shares his writing titled "A Letter from Humility" about encouraging us to reflect if true humility is in us, or...

Oct 12, 2022

What up Ya’ll! Hope life has been good. Something that Josue and Chase will start doing once a month or so is sharing a conversation about questions that they’ve been sitting with the Lord with recently. Something just to help us process thing with God and give ya’ll a little insight into what’s going on in our...