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The Perspectives Podcast

Mar 31, 2023

What up Ya’ll! In this episode, we wanted to share what's been going on in life over the last couple months, after coming back from our LA trip. As well, we wanted to talk about stewardship and the preparing Josue did last year leading up to buying his house.


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Mar 24, 2023

What up Ya’ll! Hope life has been well. Something that Chase will start doing every now and then is sharing a writing that the Holy Spirit led him to create as going through life. 

In this episode, Chase shares his writing titled "A Letter from Honor" about loyalty, awareness, what it takes to honor, and the heart of...

Mar 17, 2023

In this episode, we wanted to share the Q&A time from our February Cultural Dinner! For the dinner, we highlighted the Filipino culture and honored our friends Angela and Genie. We ask Genie and Angela what they're story was like growing up in America or other countries while still learning about their Filipino culture,...

Mar 10, 2023

What up Ya’ll! HEADS UP - we had issues with Mike's mic for the first 10 minutes of the podcast, but was fixed after that!

Mike –  Co-Owner of INVT only, Father, Mentor, and Friend joins Josue and Chase in this episode. Mike shares what the Lord has been walking him through in life recently, the answered...

Mar 3, 2023

Jake – Actor, Model, and Friend joins Josue and Chase in this episode. Jake shares what's being going on in life recently, the heart behind his recent projects and work, the story of how he ended up in LA, his time being a missionary in Dallas, and his message to creatives and influencers.

We discuss how to answer the...