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The Perspectives Podcast

Dec 2, 2022

Street Hymns – Rap Artist and Podcast Host; Chaz – Content Creator and Storyteller; Christian Mack – Bible Teacher and Christ Follower; Paul Bernard – Content Creator for Art of Homage, all join Josue and Chase on the podcast.

We discuss what God’s been walking us through, what is needed to truly love people, what we’re growing in the most, and play a Question game created by Nick Brandt, Riley Sewell, and Jeanine Amapola, with all of our friends that were with us while recording the podcast.


One of our most fun and free flowing episodes yet!


Connect with everyone:

Street IG: @streethymns

Chaz IG: @chazsmith

Christian IG: @cmacktalks

Paul IG: @paulbernard11


Video Available on YouTube: The Perspectives Podcast



IG: @PerspectivesWorldwideinc

Josue IG: @ButtermanJosue

Chase IG: @whereischaseabrown

Grayson IG: @GraysonHuskey