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The Perspectives Podcast

Oct 21, 2023

What up ya'll. We have had a lot of new listeners join over the years, so every now and then we will be reposting some of our most listened to episodes that were maybe missed by some! If it's your first time listening or tenth time, we hope you enjoy.


Pat, Co-Founder of Lord’s Child and Manager of Montell Fish, ISLY, and Hulvey, joins us. Pat shares his story, his start in the Christian music and apparel industries, how he balances entrepreneurship and relationships in life, and the heart behind “Camp Lukewarm”.

We discuss how to partner with your spouse well in business endeavors, how to protect time with your family, the blessing and curse of your phone, Jesus teaching us balance, importance of home life in business, time being such a valuable thing, discerning God’s voice, God’s long-term perspective, Christians operating differently than the world, the proper definition of success, “finding a wife,” and not following the money in Christian entrepreneurship.


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