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The Perspectives Podcast

Sep 3, 2021

Raul – Founder of Best Bodies for Life, First Bishop of Deep Love Ministries, and multi-time returning guest joins us on the podcast. He shares stories and lessons from his recent trip to Uganda with Go Overflow, the story of life leading up to the trip, crazy stories of people donating toward his trip, as well as the heart and story of Deep Love.


We discuss our tendency to think God speaks to us and aligns His plan with our circumstances when He really doesn’t, what it truly means to be present in the moment, not allowing pride to block someone from sowing into you and partnering with you on a mission trip or move of obedience, the fact that it’s easy to go to the place where you just want to solve their current problem for them and be the hero, but It’s different to think of ways to equip them to solve their own issues, and the misconception that community outreach is just manipulating people through food/resources to accept Jesus. (Yes quite deep topics for today lol)


Connect with Raul & Deep Love:

Raul IG: @raul_ito

Deep Love IG: @deep_love_ministries


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(Edited by Ryan Rasmussen)